Why I Love Shipt

I ordered my groceries from Shipt! Use my link and get $50 off membership when you sign up!

Ok, I feel like this is really a no brainer. This isn’t just an app for busy parents; Shipt is an app for busy people.

Have you ever gone into the store with a list, veered off (you were in Target weren’t you ) and then realized you missed one of the exact reasons you went shopping to begin with? Do you have kids and know none of you will make it out the store alive but you NEED a few things? Did you ever have a day at work and NEED a glass of wine only to realize your stash is empty because work sucked a few other times that week too? Ok, this is why this app is for everyone.

In a nutshell, it’s a personal shopper. I can best describe it as sending your husband to the store and it being a no hassle, pleasant experience.

These are my favorite features:

Customer service!!!!! Listen, if you have great customer service then I’m sold. I don’t want to be hassled when I call about something. I want it taken care of and I want it done quickly. I tried a competitor around the same time I tried Shipt. The competitor did not care that I stopped my trial. Bye bye. Shipt extended my trial for another month without me even asking. They care about your entire experience.

The Shipt shoppers have all been so great at communication, it’s truly a pleasure. The app notifies you that your shopper is about to shop. Did you forget anything else? Yes? They got you. If the store is out of a product, they will ask you if you want a similar one. If you don’t want to swap it out, then don’t. It’s so easy.

Here’s a snapshot of the conversation I had with my shopper yesterday :


Finally, I love how quickly they deliver. If it’s not an urgent type of order, you can schedule it. Just like most service based apps, you can tip on the app or in person. Again, so stinkin easy !!!

So, I’m totally for Shipt. It’s hands down one of my most used apps.

Click on the link for a promo code you’ll def want to use!



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