Delivery Day!

I wanted to write this post a while ago.  It was actually brewing in my head while I was in the recovery room.  Why? Because I was miserable and misery loves company.  I want to say just kidding, but I would be lying.   My pregnancy and delivery were so much harder the second time around. It was just such a whole ordeal it seemed surreal.  It’s really crazy how your body could do the same thing again but react a totally different way.

My first pregnancy ended in the kind of labor you don’t want to tell anyone about because it was that easy.  My contractions started around one a.m.  Although they were two minutes apart by the time I arrived at the hospital, I never dilated past one centimeter.  I didn’t use any pain medications or need an epidural right away.  It was painful, but tolerable.  Once I received the epidural, my water broke very shortly after and it was time for me to push.  Ronnie and I had Bob Marley blissfully playing in the background for the whole 14 minutes it took for me to push.  I was in labor for only 12 hours. It was fast and beautiful. Don’t hate me tho. My second experience had me believing death was a better option in life.

You think you know all about pregnancy and giving birth until you do it again and pretty much nothing is the same. I was really sick and in so much pain from beginning to end the second time.  The only factor that was the same both times was that I had prodromal labor with both boys (Masen since week 35 and Domenic since week 33.)  My body basically opted to go into torture chamber mode and make me contract for 2-4 minutes apart for 1-4 hours at a time multiple times throughout the day/night.  Yup, seriously.  It’s not common by the way.  And no, it wasn’t Braxton Hicks.  We don’t do amateur moves around here. These were very real and very painful contractions that led to no cervical changes.   They had to be stopped multiple times with a drug called Terbutaline to prevent me from going into pre-term labor.  I needed steroid shots to help mature Domenic’s lungs at week 35 because we were sure he was coming out early.  His lungs weren’t fully developed yet, and I carry small as is so he would’ve had major respiratory issues.  On top of that, little man found the best spot to ignite sciatica so bad I couldn’t even walk most days.  I was working and I had a super energetic toddler to tend to. There was an abundance of crying, frustration, pain and praying those last 6 weeks.

I miraculously made it to my 39th week of pregnancy.  The doctor and I agreed that the baby needed to come out.  My body was under too much stress and doing too much unnecessary work. I could get induced, but there was one catch.  My cervix was still very high and closed (an “unfavorable cervix” in medical lingo).  The only reason the induction could work was that this was my second child so my body would probably know what to do.  We would later find out that my body was stupid and didn’t know WTF to do at all.  Thanks vessel.  Anyway,  induction it was.  I went in on December 13th at 8 pm to get induced.  There was no way I was playing anymore of the waiting game.

At 10 pm, I was given Cervidil (a vaginal insert) to soften my fort knox of a cervix.  The contractions started rolling in hot and heavy shortly after.  I kept on being offered pain medication, but I held out.  My body had done this nonsense for weeks already so it really didn’t faze me at this point.  I was mainly holding off for the Pitocin and epidural to be given at the same time since it worked perfectly with Masen.  The only problem was that at 6 am, my cervical exam showed no changes after all those contractions.  Deep down inside I knew this was going to be an issue again. I didn’t have a birthing plan for this reason.  You never know what is going to happen when it comes time to get your baby out.  My goal was just a safe delivery for my baby no matter how that happened.  Anyway, I told the nurse that my only “demand” was that we not drag out this process.  My body was pretty much done weeks ago and I just didn’t have the energy to continue the experiment.  Rather then go through another round of Cervidil, I was given Pitocin.  Six more hours of very intense drug free contractions….my cervix still never budged.  The six-week beat down I took was for nothing.  I ended up having a C-section.

Having experienced both a natural birth and a C-section, I can tell you that there are  pros and cons to both. The fact that you can hold your baby and walk around a few hours after a natural birth is awesome.  Masen never once left my side. After my C-section, I was so incredibly cold from the anesthesia that I couldn’t hold Domenic for very long because I was shaking so badly.  Once that subsided, I was able to nurse and then have him by my side for the remainder of my stay.  With a vaginal birth, you definitely don’t feel the same down there for a while.   You don’t have to worry about tearing or anything like that with a C-section tho.  But, a natural birthing experience is more personal in that you don’t require as many nurses to come in and check on you.  The constant nurses in and out of my room after my C-section annoyed me.  They were absolutely great, but there was one in our room every 5 seconds. They were just doing their job, but I felt like we had zero privacy. Both options are no fun when you’re in it, but the end result erases it all.  You truly forget it all once you have your sweet baby in your hands.

My amazing little Domenic was born on December 14, 2017. My 5 pound 15 ounce nugget caused all that big trouble and he was worth it all. Our family feels complete and it’s the greatest feeling imaginable.



Life is beautiful ❤️ #nofilterneeded

Scrubbed up and ready to go!
Daddy scrubbed up and ready to go!
Last shot of being parents to one.
Hey Domenic!
Super alert- just like his brother was.
Little Dommie
Just a dad and his boy.
The best feeling!
Reality hits the next day…. Tired AF lol

4 thoughts on “Delivery Day!

  1. Here’s the shorter, cliffs notes version. I’m so glad you posted this, bc I don’t think these kinds of stories are shared enough. I also had a very similar experience. (Short version) against my doctors advice I asked for a US at 41 weeks to find that Livy had no amniotic fluid, and went straight to the hospital to be induced, never dilated at all, after 2 vaginal balloons (6 hrs) and the doc manually dilating me with her hand I never got past 5.5 cm. After a very grueling 26 hours, (most of which I don’t remember bc I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow, with oxygen mask attached to me, and zero energy) many many doses of pitocin, 2 meltdowns anytime someone uttered the words csection, they lowered the pitocin level to help Livy who was struggling, but I couldn’t get to where I needed to be, my body just couldn’t figure it out. Pitocon increased and Livys heart rate plummeted. It felt like 12 docs (not sure really Ike many) rushed in and in minutes I was in an emergency csection. After an epidural, and a booster, the said j wouldn’t not need a spinal. I demanded a spinal and even after that, I was still able to wiggle my toes (as the doc asked me to tell him once I can’t wiggle my toes anymore). Terrified, freezing, shaking uncontrollably, they said they couldn’t wait any long, and Livy was born. The following hours were a blur and still are, I refused to hold her, terrified I’d drop her bc I was shaking so badly. My recovery was brutal, almost a year before I felt 90% better. Coming home from the hospital after major surgery to an area of your body that you need the most especially with a newborn, sitting down, standing up, bending over (these normal every day movements), are quite literally impossible. Normally a women post surgery can lay in bed and watch movies as someone brings her something to eat, but no, we are literally putting ourselves last as we care for a newborn. Csection moms are, in my opinion, warrior moms. Birthing a child is no easy task no matter how’s it done, and sometimes I read/hear ppl say that csections are not really giving birth… I don’t even have the words to respond to that. It’s amazing what women can endure and most of the time, go back and happily and selflessly do it again. Thanks for sharing and reminding us how incredible moms really are!

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    1. I’m really really happy you posted this. I’m so sorry that you had to go through that all, but thankfully everything turned out ok for you and gorgeous little Livy 🙂 thank you so much for sharing because this is the reason why I wrote my post. There is so little info about the prodromal labor I went through with both of them and I just wanted so badly to be able to relate to someone and know it would be ok. I felt the same way after my c-section as well. I was not at all prepared for the fact that Ronnie would be in there viewing my organs on a table , I would be awake watching everything through a small reflection from the light above me, and how badly I would feel afterwards. I wanted to hold Domenic right away but I couldn’t for more than 5 seconds without feeling that same exact fear of dropping him. The shaking was so bad and it wouldn’t stop. I cannot believe that people would think that a c section is not giving birth. It was undoubtedly one of the scariest encounters I’ve been through. You’re up having major surgery, you hear your baby crying and you can’t hold him right away to soothe him, and then you have to walk out of the hospital on your own with this little human that has all these demands/needs while trying not to bust a stitch. There are times now when I laugh too hard or sit a certain way and I feel like Screaming. Better yet, I go to feel the area of pain and It’s not even at the incision site . My recovery sucked both times bc I tore the first time and had to be re stitched at the office 3 days after giving birth. It was not easy getting either of these kids out but you somehow find the way to do it. Moms are just amazing superheroes in every way possible ❤️


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