My BFP (Big Fat Positive)! 

So let me first start off by saying a super big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you expectant mommies out there!!!! I hope you are all feeling as well as possible! If this is your first pregnancy, you probably know your little one’s exact fruit size and what week and day you are. It’s truly an amazing time venturing into the unknown. Enjoy every moment of it.  For me, I have a 2-year-old running around naked with a diaper on his head chasing the dogs. I had no clue what specific berry I was this week until I opened my pregnancy app to check. I have plenty of reminders throughout the day that Baby G2 is in there tho. Plenty.

I knew I was pregnant before I missed my period (exactly like I did with Masen). The feeling was much different this time around tho. With Masen, I had a legit bat shit crazy week before I took a pregnancy test. I mean I was all over the place with my emotions.  I didn’t even want to know who my husband was, but I also wanted him to be extra loving.  The man legitimately could not win with me!  I also had cramps for about 3 days and then they just went away.  I knew something was up.  This time around, however, I just had a feeling I should take a test. I was due in a few days, but I didn’t have any strong PMS symptoms like I normally do.  It was definitely way more mellow this time.

I bought a test while we were at the store for some party supplies.  It was weird because I wasn’t even in a sudden rush to go home and take it.  The three of us got home and I had forgotten I even bought it.  I guess the preggo brain had already started to appear.   Well, I took it and got my BFP!  By the way if you’re a first time mom, you’ll see a lot of pregnancy acronyms in forums.  It gets ridiculous. I remember reading blogs and not knowing what the heck these women were talking about.  It was incredibly intimidating . I felt like I should’ve naturally known this pregnancy lingo but I didn’t.  Thanks google for getting me thru that “mean girls” experience.

Anyway, back to my test.   There was a very faint line (it was much clearer in person tho), so I did the digital just in case.  I came out of the bathroom waving those pregnancy tests around like glow sticks on a Friday night. Ronnie and I were super excited!  I feel like when you find out the first time it’s definitely an extremely happy moment, but it can be overshadowed a little by an immediate “holy crap I don’t know what I’m doing” feeling.  We didn’t feel that this time around.  Again, it was way more mellow this time.

I had two different experiences finding out about my pregnancies.  My first was exciting yet very nerve-wracking.  I felt excited and much more relaxed with this second one.   It’s not that I was unhappy about Masen at all, I was just clueless about a lot of things so I was worried a lot.  Now that I know what to expect this time around, my mind is more able to just chill and know that I got this.  I’m enjoying this feeling because I’ll have a 2-year-old and a newborn soon. The last thing I’ll be saying for a while is that “I feel relaxed” or “that I got this”.

How was your experience?  If it’s not your first, were each of them different?  I can’t wait to share more updates and helpful tips /info with all of you beautiful mamas!


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