Surviving the First Trimester

OK, so let’s get right to it and discuss weeks 4-12. Week 4 (finding out) was a breeze. Then life became real again.  Weeks 5 thru 12 (and beyond) were full-blown tornadoes. Morning sickness? What is that? It was more like let’s start the day feeling really crappy and end it feeling even crappier. There is no other way for me to describe it.

I enjoyed my first pregnancy so much that I often wondered how anyone could ever hate being pregnant. I was glowing, never once sick, had zero food aversions; it was like I was not even affected at all. Now, I truly understand what moms hate about it. This pregnancy has been non-stop nausea, vomiting, a long list of food aversions and general smells, very uncomfortable and painful bloating after any meal, and headaches. So many headaches. It’s been fun ladies. Lots of fun.

As difficult as these weeks have been, I’ve learned a lot. Mainly, that my unborn child already has it out for me.  But that’s parenthood, right?  Besides that tho, here’s a few helpful tips that are more relevant for you expectant ladies.

  1. Use coconut oil. Yes, it’s my #1 beauty item.  We all fear some of the changes our bodies will permanently leave us with. I swear by coconut oil cooking spray. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s a heck of a lot easier than sticking your hand in a jar of coconut oil every time you want to moisturize. I dodged stretch marks with my first pregnancy and I’m obviously hoping I will again. Even if coconut oil doesn’t fully work because, well genetics, rock those stretchies proudly! I have them from my teenage years when I grew an ass. At this point, I’m over here incubating human life forms. It is what it is. You gotta appreciate your body for all it does for you, and not what it appears to be for others.  Trust me when I say nobody cares about them except you mama.
  2. Rest when you can. I have a 2-year-old now. I can’t enjoy those 2 hour daily naps I took when I was pregnant the first time.  I have enjoyed much more couch time with Masen tho.  If you have the advantage of resting and napping, TAKE IT! If not, just being able to decompress by simply sitting and doing something mindless for a little bit really helps. When I say mindless, I mean put on that same episode of Paw Patrol your kid can watch 8,000 times in a row and enjoy the fact that you can tune it out now. Don’t try to power thru all day. You’ll have a lifetime of that once your baby is here.  Take it easy while you can.
  3. But also stay active. Don’t get too comfortable on the couch just because you’re pregnant. Don’t get offended by that either; it’s the truth. Even if you weren’t active before pregnancy, you can start now. A simple walk a few times a week is beneficial for both you and baby. It’s actually easier (in most cases) to be more diligent about what you eat and how much you gain now while pregnant than when baby arrives. Treat yourself to cravings, but don’t go overboard. I can assure you that the average woman is not like the social media depictions you see of women having babies and being gym rats 3 weeks later. It’s not real. We need to physically heal our bodies. On top of that, our bodies have just been catapulted into “no sleep” mode for the next ??? YEARS. Those pesky few pounds can easily just snowball. Take care of yourself the best you can now so it’s more manageable to bounce back later.
  4. Stay calm.  “Hormones are so fun” said no woman ever.  We are deemed Satan by our significant other’s once a month just because we were born with a vagina.  Little did they know what happens when you suddenly stop that monthly occurrence to grow their seed for 9 months.  Then the real fun starts. The emotions are overwhelming.  Everyone will tick you off somehow, but try to remember that you wouldn’t normally get this worked up about things. It’s hard in the moment. Feeling so horribly the first trimester really made me short in general. I had to stop and really remind myself that everything felt way more heightened right now and that staying calm was best for everyone. It was better when I just walked away for a few. Woosah.
  5. Do what works for you. Since I had zero pregnancy symptoms with Masen, I was clueless as how to alleviate everything I was feeling. I asked a bunch of friends what their magic cures were, but most things only worked for a day or two. I stopped stressing over what to do, and had to accept the fact that this is how my body is handling pregnancy this time. It didn’t stop my days from sucking, but it did really help stop the additional stress I was feeling. Every single pregnancy is different. Even each of your own. So as bad as these first trimester weeks can get, just know they will end. You got this!!  This also applies to the countless advice you will receive about what you need and how to raise your child. It comes from a good place, but do what works for you and your family. Your home, your life, your rules!

Ok, so that’s a little recap of my joyous first trimester. Again, I hope it’s going as smoothly as possible for you ladies!! Cheers to a big margarita in our near future!



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